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Demonstrating brand values through action

Last week, one of my colleagues critiqued several brands that…

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Pepsi Zero: The taste-free ad with no fans

It’s been all over the Internet—Pepsi’s now-pulled advertisement starring Kendall…

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Grafik Blog New Stranger Things Halloween Party Wall Image
Stranger Grafik—Creative communications and the upside down

If your office is anything like ours, your lunchroom conversation…

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Grafik Blog Top 100 Rebrands Image
Grafik Honored Among Top 100 Rebrands

We’re most proud of the praise and accolades we receive…

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Grafik Blog Putting The Fun In Functional Comfort Photo
Putting the Fun in Functional Comfort

Fun fact: the cubicle (or “Action Office System” as it…

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Grafik Blog Wins Big W3 2015 Awards Image
Grafik Wins Big at the 2015 W³ Awards

Grafik is proud to announce that we have been recognized…

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Designing a Baby (Shower)

We wanted to throw a different kind of baby shower…

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Grafik Blog Lance Wain Recognized Smart CEO Image
Lance Wain Recognized by SmartCEO

We are proud to share that Lance Wain has been…

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