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Cracking the code to your customer's heart

When your products and services are complex and evolving at a rapid clip, it’s not easy to hone in on a single, unifying brand message and identity that encapsulates all your company offers. But a distinct, clearly defined brand strategy is the foundation needed to set you apart from the competition, drive loyalty amongst internal and external stakeholders, and even help inform your product roadmap moving forward. Whether you’re taking a sidestep or a giant leap, Grafik will guide you through a time-tested process that considers the implications, opportunities, and potential challenges ahead. 

Our process starts with research. We interview people at your firm. We interview customers, wannabe customers and former customers—satisfied and otherwise. We dig deep into your competitors and draw insights from analytics. All with an eye to revealing insights that can only come from objectivity. The strategic output of this process is not only a shift in the way your organization looks and sounds, but a winning road map to marketing your best prospects.

For more insight into our approach, browse some of our recent rebranding and marketing projects for technology industry clients below.


Ready is state-of-the-art, smartly applied

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Integrating Two Powerful Tech Brands

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Real-time insights

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Capella Space

Branding a tech startup

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Fast. Focused. Exact.

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Capturing the spirit of invention

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Expanding beyond the category

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Unwavering commitment

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Making stronger connections

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You. Realized.

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You'll Be in Good Company

We’ve helped technology companies of all shapes and sizes refresh their brands, enter new markets, and build marketing programs that engage and convert target audiences across every channel.

Our Latest Insights

Our ideas and expertise help you transform every touchpoint into a highly memorable branded experience, creating powerful triggers that tempt prospects to lean in and learn more. 

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