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Brand Positioning

We’re focused on finding your North Star

Ready to position your brand in a way that will transform stakeholder perceptions, change behavior, and drive bottom line performance? Our experienced brand strategists will guide you through a process that redefines your purpose and your value while considering the implications, opportunities, and potential challenges for your brand.

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To get a well-rounded picture of a brand, you need differing forms of intel from a variety of perspectives. Our research strategists and analysts talk to your employees and partners. We survey and listen to your customers, wannabe customers and former customers—satisfied and otherwise. We dig deep into what you offer, your audiences, competitors and the industry. All with an eye to revealing insights that can only come from objectivity.

Audience definition is all about understanding who the target customers are, and how best to reach them.

Audience Definition

Who needs you and who doesn’t? Whom should you spend your marketing dollars against? What are the barriers to reaching those who will be your best customers? Are those barriers real, and surmountable? Out of those questions, and more, comes a winning road map to your best prospects.

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Competitive Positioning

Where and how you put your stake in the ground is critical to building and maintaining your brand’s place in the market. We’ll use the results of our research, including a thorough SWOT analysis, to plot a competitive positioning for your organization—where you are today and how you can get to a stronger position versus your competitors.

Brand Architecture

You may have many divisions speaking to wildly different audiences or truly separate entities under a holding company. Brand architecture won’t always match your business lines, but it should always provide clarity and align with your positioning and messaging.

Why brand positioning matters

We’ll let longtime client Bob Youngentob, Co-Founder & President/CCO of EYA, cite the benefits of a solid brand strategy. He does it far better than we ever could.

Our point of view

Check out some of our latest ideas about the way brands are positioning themselves to the world.

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