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Brand Messaging

We make new things familiar and familiar things new

How you speak about your brand, your industry and your customers is as much a part of your identity as your logo. More than a look, more than a tagline, we articulate why you exist, and why everyone is glad you’re in business.

Wall of brand mantras at Grafik


Capturing the immutable spirit of your firm in as few words as possible is not easy. But it does so much for a brand, informing everything you do as an organization. Marketing campaigns, employee initiatives, recruitment, brand storytelling—all are guided by your brand mantra.

Grafik's digital strategy team using analytics to inform customer persona development.


We identify what’s most important to each audience, then go beyond topics to discover the voice that’s true to the relationship. Then we test and refine to make sure it’s right. The result is a cohesive brand voice that attracts the employees you need and tantalizes the consumers you want.

What it's like to work with us

Hear how we formed a true partnership with the C-SPAN team to refresh their brand identity and messaging, and the unforeseen positive outcomes that grow out of such deep involvement.

Our point of view

Browse our latest ideas about brand messaging.

Black and white image of a woman staring into the distance Getting “it” right—for Strayer and America
Tuesday, February 21st saw a new day dawning for our client, Strayer University. An awareness campaign, “Let’s Get it America” created by Erwin-Penland, broke in heavy broadcast rotation. You may have heard the radio and television already. Grafik…
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Times square Channels change. Your brand voice shouldn’t.
We live in an age where technology has transformed the way we approach marketing. With more access to data than ever before, digital tools are becoming increasingly robust. Marketers are now armed with an immense amount of information that allows them to …
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Efrat listening to explanation about colors What’s so important about your brand?
A brand, most simply, is your company’s identity. More poetically, a brand is defined by where you’ve been and where you’re going. It is ever evolving, constantly under threat, and formed by every interaction. It is what the public thinks you are, w…
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