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UX Design

A better experience makes for a better business

How do your customers want to research and buy your products and services online? Using intel from digital research and analytics tools, we chart out buyer journeys and build experiences that not only fill shopping carts, but create return buyers.

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We start with an in-depth review of your website, using tools like HotJar heat maps, Optimal Workshop card sorts, and Google Data studio visualizations to understand historic performance and traffic patterns. This research, in addition to a hueristic review of your current UX, will help us understand what improvements need to be made to the information architecture, visual design and user experience.

Information architecture (IA) for RainKing's rebranding and website redesign efforts created by UX designers at a top digital agency, Grafik.

Information Architecture

The way your website content is organized should underscore not only who you are as a brand, but what you can do for customers. Our approach to developing a solid information architecture consists of testing different groupings of content to ensure users can complete common tasks with ease.

UX designers leveraging marketing personas and digital platforms to improve e-commerce performance.

Website Design

Thoughtful, data-driven design—of websites, mobile apps, products and services—is critical to successful brand experiences. Our Agile approach leads to holistic, immersive brand experiences that deliver value and delight today’s omni-channel customer.

Our point of view

Staying on top of the latest UX best practices and trends can be overwhelming. Luckily, it’s our full-time job.

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