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Brand Identity

Meet Watson, Your Personal Identity Protector [Video]

There have been numerous ads on how IBM’s Watson can help…

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Bigger data, bigger ideas

Data is everywhere—and rather than simply using it to identify…

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Getting “it” right—for Strayer and America

Tuesday, February 21st saw a new day dawning for our…

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Uniting a family: Brand refresh for Merritt Companies

Business owners and C-suite executives often come to Grafik looking…

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Grafik Blog Why The NFL Twitter Deal Matters Image
Why the NFL Twitter deal matters

Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope for slightly less than $100 million…

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Grafik Blog Netflix Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Social Media Image
Netflix rolls out the red carpet for social media

You have a logo you like. It looks great on…

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Grafik Blog NRL Brand Launch Image
NRL brand launch

Last week, Grafik was on hand for the launch of…

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Grafik Blog OMG Instagram Is Finally Evolving Image
OMG. Instagram is (finally) evolving.

Instagram has launched a colorful new logo and said goodbye…

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