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We built our agency to build your brand

Strategists. Storytellers. Graphic Designers. Developers. Researchers. User Experience Designers. Content Creators. Everyone needed to uncover the insights, deliver the solutions, and track your success is here at Grafik.

By sharing what we have learned, content that spikes SEO can appeal to humans as well as robots. Campaigns following users across the web drive to relevant and progressive landing pages. User journeys can engage in both the real world and the virtual. All so that we can support you at every stage, every touchpoint.

Our team

Now meet the people dedicated enough (or crazy enough) to hold themselves to the difficult standard stated above.

Lance Wain

Principal, CEO

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Robin Vaitonis

Chief Operating Officer

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Hal Swetnam

SVP, Chief Creative Strategist

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David Collins

Principal, Creative Director

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Lynn Umemoto

Principal, Client Strategy

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Gregg Glaviano

Principal, Creative Director

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Johnny Vitorovich

Principal, Creative Director

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George Nicholas

Creative Director

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Sun Yun

VP, Experience Design

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Tanya Nazarian

VP, Business Development

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Lauren Leva

VP, Marketing Services

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Jay Kerness

Director of Client Strategy

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Efrat Levush

Senior Art Director

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Greg Spraker

Senior Art Director

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Mila Arrisueno

Senior Art Director

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Matthew Keith

Senior Director, Technology

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Scott Oppenheim, Interactive Art Director

Scott Oppenheim

Interactive Art Director

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Hannah Mills

Digital Strategist, UX & Content

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Clara Shannon

Marketing Associate

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Portrait of Esther Nardone

Esther Nardone

Director of Client Services

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Connor Hart

Digital Media Specialist

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Daniel Kane

Brand Strategist

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Current Grafik employee hard at work

Eric Roden

Senior Motion Design

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Daniel McNabb

Senior Director, Client Services

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Debbie Park


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Heath Dwiggins

Director of Information & Print Technology

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Kristina Gorski

Director, Client Services

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Maria Brazao


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Regina Esposito

Senior Production Manager

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Ladonna Thompson

HR Director, Office Manager

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Shadi Talhouk

Project Manager

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Designing a great place to work

Judy Kirpich founded Grafik with great passion and heart, backed it up with tremendous talent, and inspired us to do the same. In 2014, after nearly 40 years of focusing on clients, it was time to focus on her art. While no longer walking our halls, her roadmap for developing great brands and great relationships motivates us each day.

Be nice

Treat everyone with respect and kindness. You’ll create a culture that clients and employees want to be part of—a place that feels like home.

Give back

We’ve done so for a very long time. Not only because it feels right, but also because it keeps us focused on what’s important.

Work smart

To move people to action, you have to dig deeper than a deliverable. You have to understand the who, what, how, and why of every initiative.

Love what you do

Don’t pour your best thinking into something you don’t love. We seek more than talent—we want passion.

The Grafik timeline

Not the one we meet for clients. The one about us. Starting at our founding.

people dancing in a club


Grafik is born.
Disco dies.
Everyone is happy.

Having a good time is always encouraged

The funny thing about having a unified vision of that hard-thing-you’re-trying-to-accomplish is that it leads to trusting your co-workers. And that trust leads to a better everyday work experience. In other words, it’s actually more fun to have higher standards.

Eric Roden, Interactive Designer, working on his desk

Speaking of higher standards

While we’ve been recognized nearly 700 times with awards ranging from the global (REBRAND 100®) to the local (ADDY® awards), more important is the length of client engagement (decades for some) and the organic growth it engenders for both of us.

Grafik the award winning brand agency displays some of its accomplishments including AIGA 50.