New Possibilities

Grafik believes each branding and marketing engagement is a steppingstone, a foundation, shoulders for the next visionary to stand on. Every client goal accomplished, every objective successfully met, is a beginning, not an end. Our partnerships open doors that simply weren’t there before. Clients tell how we did so in the videos below.


Rebranding a media icon

Folger Theatre

Attracting new audiences


Introducing a new residential development

Multiplying Good

Rebranding a storied philanthropic organization

Capella Space

Launching a tech business

The Haven

Calling National Harbor home


Bringing a fitness startup to market

The Grafik Team

To surface the insights and deliver the solutions that create new possibilities, we’ve brought together strategists, graphic designers, storytellers, developers, researchers, user experience experts, content creators, production specialists, and more.

Meet them all here.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Woman co-founded and with a focus on a family-friendly workplace, Grafik was pretty radical—for 1978. Through the decades, we never prevented an inclusive workplace, always welcoming diversity, but only as it came to us.

Today, we understand the need to do more, to actively promote diversity and inclusion both within Grafik and in our work product for clients.

To that end, our newly established internal Diversity & Inclusion committee is actively broadening our recruitment efforts and our partner base, as well as bringing our staff the latest thinking on social justice.

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