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We make new things familiar and familiar things new

We deliver brand strategies you can grow on, create complete brand identities that thrive in an omnichannel world, and set the tone for ongoing and compelling customer engagements.


A solid brand strategy provides a fresh perspective on your organization and reveals possibilities for growth. It helps people understand exactly why you do what you do, why people want to work for you and with you, and why customers value what you offer and what you say. Our strategy deliverables include immersive research and analysis, audience definition, persona development, positioning, and brand architecture.

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You need to be instantly recognizable, wherever customers may find you. So we go beyond ensuring a consistent look and feel to set about making your brand unforgettable. Our award-winning creative teams offer mantra development, naming, message development, logo, and full visual identity.

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website design and development


We help you transform every touchpoint into a highly memorable branded experience, and work with you to create powerful triggers that tempt prospects to lean in and learn more. We provide opportunities to delight the people who need to know you better through user experience design, demand generation campaigns, social media, and comprehensive digital strategy.

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Once you know what to say, it’s essential to give your message the best odds of reaching distinct prospects through their preferred digital channels. We use leading technology platforms to initiate smart, highly personalized, multichannel experiences. Clients come to us for website development, mobile applications, e-commerce, web applications, and emerging platforms.

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What we do for you

We apply a proven method supported by some inspired creative to tackle your most pressing needs—no matter what they may be.

Brand refresh

Whether you’re repositioning your company in response to shifting consumer expectations, evolving market dynamics, or in preparation for acquisition, our strategic approach helps you pinpoint the optimal value proposition. We make sure everyone sees you as distinct and essential.

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New ventures

You travel to the beat of your own drum—a rhythm that varies between fast and hypersonic. In your rush to turn today’s big idea into a viable business, it’s easy, but ill-advised, to back-burner brand development. We can help you clearly articulate your promise and mission from day one.

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Mergers and acquisitions are a lot like a marriage—sometimes one partner takes on the name of the other, sometimes the names are combined, and sometimes an entirely new name is in order. Determining the right solution is just one of the many challenges our experts tackle.

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New markets

Ready to explore new territory? Don’t do it alone. Whether you’re entering a new domestic market, expanding internationally, or introducing a new brand extension, Grafik strategists are expertly positioned to guide your transition and help you meet the needs of new audiences.

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You’ll be in good company

From technology to e-commerce, hospitality and beyond, we build brands that create value, attract talent and get people talking.