Our brand and marketing synergy

Brand strategy that smoothly translates to marketing. Marketing that’s stronger thanks to your distinctive brand. That’s the synergy you get from Grafik’s proven processes.

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Brand Strategy

A solid brand strategy provides a fresh perspective on your organization and reveals possibilities for growth. It helps everyone understand exactly why you do what you do, why people want to work with you, and why customers value what you offer and what you say. Our approach includes brand positioning, brand messaging, brand identity and more.

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UX designers leveraging marketing personas and digital platforms to improve e-commerce performance.


Whether you’re looking for an attention-grabbing ad campaign or a long-term agency partner to help scale your marketing program, our team is here to help transform every touchpoint into a highly memorable branded experience. As experts in user research, strategy, execution and measurement, we’ll work with your team to create powerful triggers that tempt your audiences to lean in and learn more.

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What we do for you

Have a major project on the horizon? Here are the types of brand transformations we love helping clients with.

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Brand refresh

From repositioning in response to shifting consumer expectations to preparing to be acquired, our strategic approach helps you pinpoint your optimal—and distinct—value proposition.

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New ventures

You travel to the beat—from fast to hypersonic—of your own drum. As you turn a big idea into a viable business, it’s easy, but ill-advised, to back-burner brand development. We’ll help you articulate your promise from day one.

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Mergers and acquisitions are a lot like a marriage—sometimes partner roles come easy, other times the adjustment can be rocky. An objective look at strengths and weaknesses can make all the difference.

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New markets

Ready to explore new territory? Whether you’re entering a new domestic market, expanding internationally, or introducing a new brand extension, our strategists will help you meet the needs of new audiences.

You’ll be in good company

From real estate to B2B tech, nonprofits and beyond, we build brands that create value, attract talent and get people talking.