Diana Revelo, UX Designer, working on her computer

Brand Identity

Making sure all eyes are on you

You need to be instantly recognizable, wherever customers may find you. So we go beyond ensuring a consistent look and feel to set about making your brand unforgettable.

Blue pen over logo sketches

Logo Design

In a world where emojis have become a legitimate form of communication overnight, it’s clear your logo is today more important than ever. What’s not so obvious is how much work and strategy go into the design of a logo before pen ever touches paper (or stylus touches pad). 

Visual identity system elements for IAP, a client in the government contracting market.

Visual Identity

Behind every color, font, style of photography or illustration we recommend is a rationale. Our designers and artists ensure the choices we make in presenting you to the world—across every channel—reflect the company we’ve come to know through the creation of your brand strategy.


Today, digital and physical experiences intersect to transform how brands engage consumers. Whether at home in your offices or at a trade show, in a store or at a paid event, our designed experiences can turn the casual customer into a brand ambassador.

Capturing lightning in a bottle

Yes, it’s informed by strategy. Yes, there’s a rationale behind its creation. Yes, we have a proven process. But there’s still something ineffable about designing a logo, an art form we’ve practiced at an astonishingly high level from day one of our existence. Take a look.

Our point of view

Check out some of our latest ideas about brand identity below.

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