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Man looking at a wall with 4 different colors
The search for inspiration

Things are moving fast in this world; too fast, in my opinion. Lack of time is a global epidemic and it’s destroying people’s ability to feel inspired on a daily basis. It’s the “all work…

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Gregg Glaviano working on designs for clients
Being in the moment at Grafik

It’s hard to believe I started at Grafik on March 14th—of 1989. In our business, design professionals typically hop from agency to agency, building their portfolio and adding credentials to their CV. I chose a…

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Colorectal Cancer Alliance logo
How to be an ally

It’s hard doing things alone. We all need support. But what, exactly, does that mean? Support can refer to the collaboration that takes place here within our walls at Grafik—we support each other because we…

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Mints in a blue container and a toothpick
Honesty. Still the best policy.

The other day I had bowl of homemade pesto pasta for lunch. Just prior to a big presentation, a colleague leaned over and discreetly informed me that I had a piece of basil stuck between my front…

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Blog post documenting the surprising parallels between a murder mystery and UX design
4 ways designing a murder mystery can improve your UX design

The Halloween work day at Grafik ended with an agency-wide solving of a murder mystery created by two of our designers. While done purely for fun, once we had finished with the game, we realized…

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Cut out images of former and current Grafik employees on a suitcase next to a train
The more things change, the more we keep the good stuff.

Grafik is about to turn 40 (which I’m told is about 135 in agency years), and I’ve been here for 28 of those years. We are a decidedly different organization, offering a greater array of…

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Grafik team wearing lama tshirts with red noses, while the employees were red noses
Demonstrating brand values through action

Last week, one of my colleagues critiqued several brands that have recently attempted (some successfully, others not so much) to meet the increasing expectations consumers have for corporate social responsibility. Her article was an excellent…

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Kendall Jenner in the Pepsi commercial
Pepsi Zero: The taste-free ad with no fans

It’s been all over the Internet—Pepsi’s now-pulled advertisement starring Kendall Jenner. While millions of Americans are taking to the streets with a deadly serious passion not seen since the Vietnam era, Pepsi presented a world…

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