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How to be an ally

It’s hard doing things alone.

We all need support. But what, exactly, does that mean?

Support can refer to the collaboration that takes place here within our walls at Grafik—we support each other because we care about each other, professionally and personally. It can refer to our offering digital support, development support, branding support, customer support. It can even refer to the way Grafik empowers our clients to reach their goals. These are all instances of professional support, but there’s personal—emotional—support as well. In every instance, support is not the end in itself, but rather a force multiplier.

We’ve all seen the ripples from a single drop of water falling into a calm surface, spreading outward, but then converging back to the center. That’s the way I see support. Let me tell you how, recently, everything converged on me.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. For nearly two years, we’ve helped the Colorectal Cancer Alliance raise awareness of this preventable disease, even as they do so much to support the patients, families, caregivers, and survivors fighting their individual battles. As a nation of allies dedicated to the mission of ending this cancer in our lifetime, the organization promotes preventive measures—especially screening—and raises funds for critical research.

This past December, in the midst of meetings and deadlines and projects and holidays, I got a call from my mom’s doctor. Her recent stomach pains were caused by a 5cm cancerous tumor, discovered in a follow up colonoscopy. It had likely been growing for almost 10 years. I was shattered. I was lucky to receive this call at work. Immediately, colleagues provided emotional support. But they also provided knowledge and resources I wouldn’t have had without the work Grafik has done in support of the Alliance. And both Grafik and the Alliance have continued to support me as I care for my mom—through the tumor removal, and now through her treatments as she battles this cancer.

Somehow, our partnership with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance does not seem coincidental. Support. I’m supporting my mom in her battle, Grafik is supporting me, the Alliance is supporting countless others. Each of these rings of support continue to spread outward—and back—from all of us affected by colorectal cancer.

We can’t do it alone. Join me, join Grafik, and join the Alliance and thousands of allies today, and every day in the fight to end colorectal cancer.

You can join us as an ally by doing one or all of these three things:

1. Read about and share prevention and screening facts.

2. Wear BLUE for Dress in Blue Day. Tell your friends! Tag #nationofallies

3. Donate.

Together, we all are a #nationofallies. Be a part of our support system.

Esther Nardone

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