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What’s so important about your brand?
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Brand Identity

Uniting a family: Brand refresh for Merritt Companies

Business owners and C-suite executives often come to Grafik looking to connect siloed business divisions, or to develop a more holistic expression of their company through a brand refresh. And while you might think they’re…

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Grafik Blog Why The NFL Twitter Deal Matters Image
Why the NFL Twitter deal matters

Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope for slightly less than $100 million in March of 2015 should have been a signal to many analysts that the death of the platform has been greatly exaggerated. Twitter has a…

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Grafik Blog Netflix Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Social Media Image
Netflix rolls out the red carpet for social media

You have a logo you like. It looks great on signage, business cards and on your website. But how do you make your logo work in a tiny app icon for smartphones? How will it…

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Grafik Blog NRL Brand Launch Image
NRL brand launch

Last week, Grafik was on hand for the launch of the new U.S. Naval Research Laboratory brand. After working with the leadership at NRL for a number of months, it was tremendously rewarding to find…

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Grafik Blog OMG Instagram Is Finally Evolving Image
OMG. Instagram is (finally) evolving.

Instagram has launched a colorful new logo and said goodbye to its skeuomorphic camera icon that users have come to know and love. Why would the company behind one of the most recognizable app icons…

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Grafik Blog Best Identities Of 2015 Image
Best Identities of 2015

Before we settle too deep into 2016, we thought we’d look at three of 2015’s most visible brand updates—plus a less-well known favorite of mine— now that the world has had a little time to…

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Grafik Blog Should Brands Be Bilingual Image
Should brands be bilingual?

Marketers, knowing Millennials will shape the economy for decades as they enter their prime spending years, are trying each day to better understand them—how they think, where they spend their money, which social media platform…

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Example of a desktop rendering of Ligado's website after Grafik executed a brand strategy campaign.
Launching Ligado Networks

In a story that’s already appeared in the Wall Street Journal and countless industry publications, New LightSquared has rebranded itself as Ligado Networks. In an eight-month engagement that included strategic planning, naming, testing, visual identity…

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