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Brand Identity

Efrat listening to explanation about colors
What’s so important about your brand?

A brand, most simply, is your company’s identity. More poetically, a brand is defined by where you’ve been and where you’re going. It is ever evolving, constantly under threat, and formed by every interaction. It…

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D.C. brand firm insights on typography inspiration
How typography can help a culture stay alive

Typography is a powerful thing. It can elevate a brand or it can destroy it. In some special cases, it can keep a brand alive for hundreds of years. It can be the glue that…

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Employees working in an open workspace
How to brand your office

Ready to bring your brand to life inside your office?  Any office redesign today should, at minimum, reflect who you are as a company and, at best, boost morale, inspire collaboration, and encourage innovation. The…

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Header image of pink and red roses, a green dragon and knight on the Living logo webpage
Living logos

Great logos defy trends, endure, are memorable, and serve as the visual shorthand for their brand. However, logos are also expected to remain relevant within their cultural context. This is a tricky tightrope to walk.…

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Identity Guard Logo, Identity theft protection service
Meet Watson, Your Personal Identity Protector [Video]

There have been numerous ads on how IBM’s Watson can help virtually every business from the automotive industry and insurance companies to tax preparation services, but have you heard how Watson can help you protect your…

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Spotify billboard ad on top of Port Authority Bus Station in NYC
Bigger data, bigger ideas

Data is everywhere—and rather than simply using it to identify audiences and measure success (as we must), it can be the inspiration for wildly creative marketing executions. One brand getting creative with data driven marketing is the…

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Black and white image of a woman staring into the distance
Getting “it” right—for Strayer and America

Tuesday, February 21st saw a new day dawning for our client, Strayer University. An awareness campaign, “Let’s Get it America” created by Erwin-Penland, broke in heavy broadcast rotation. You may have heard the radio and…

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Hal Swetnam, SVP & Chief Creative Strategist, giving a presentation
Uniting a family: Brand refresh for Merritt Companies

Business owners and C-suite executives often come to Grafik looking to connect siloed business divisions, or to develop a more holistic expression of their company through a brand refresh. And while you might think they’re…

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