SVP, Growth

Tanya Nazarian

Tanya is a big believer in the open door policy — If a prospect’s door is open, she’ll walk in, sit down, and stir up all kinds of conversations and business. She’s just that good. And she’s just that fast. While she’s a straight shooter, Tanya brings an enormous smile and serious smarts to every conversation. Her long stint with Monumental Sports gave her tremendous experience with big league brands, and she brings refreshing tenacity and perspective to the agency side. A native of the DMV, this fireball devotes every second of downtime to family, but from her schedule it’s hard to know if she knows downtime.


Tanya Nazarian's favorite things
Tanya Nazarian, VP, posing with her family
Tanya Nazarian, VP, at the beach
Photograph of Tanya Nazarian VP, Business Development, at a Capital game


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