George Nicholas

Creative Director

George Nicholas

George has always loved how Michelangelo responded when asked how he created one of his statues. “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” George believes every client has an angel waiting to be freed, and in the course of his career, he’s liberated them for well-established brands, including FedEx, NASDAQ, Chevrolet, and UnitedHealth Group. At Grafik, he plays the role of broadcast producer, creative director, and brand storyteller — parts he was meant to play. Originally from California and a bi-product of  UCLA and UC Irvine, this political junkie (as our client C-SPAN will tell you) has been right at home in the nation’s capital for almost three decades. And Grafik is better for it.


George Nicholas's favorite things
Dog wearing a suit
Why do I make animals wear clothes?
Photo of George speaking on stage on his bio page.
Isn’t it obvious?
Early recording machine
Producing my first radio spot.


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