Creative Strategist

George Nicholas

George loves pho. And hates faux. Which, oddly enough, describes his approach to branding: serve up an ingredient-rich, tasty soup of truths. Before arriving at Grafik, he helped people hunger for what FedEx, NASDAQ, Chevrolet and UnitedHealth Group could do for them. He also loves broadcast every bit as much as good, clean sentences, and has supplied both for C-SPAN, Vantage Data Centers, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other Grafik clients. Despite decades of life in D.C., ask him where he’s from and he still says “L.A.”


George Nicholas's favorite things
Dog wearing a suit
Why do I make animals wear clothes?
Photo of George speaking on stage on his bio page.
Isn’t it obvious?
Early recording machine
Producing my first radio spot.


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