Capturing the spirit of invention

When Esmael Dinan founded Ofinno (“Of Innovation” contracted) to make tremendous advances in wireless technology, the word “patent” could scarcely be found on its website. Why the reticence? Patent trolls had so degraded industry reputations that Ofinno feared it would be lumped in with those using patents not as drivers of new technology, but as fodder for lawsuits.

In reality, Ofinno’s vision aligned with how Lincoln originally saw the patent system working: adding the fuel of interest to the fire of genius. But the company hadn’t publicly put its stake in the groundyet. 


Bringing passion and credibility to the forefront

Our extensive interviews confirmed that this belief in creating technology for ever-better products—versus simply cranking out patents designed to make it harder for other inventors to defend their innovations—was also deeply held by Ofinno’s PhD inventors and its supporting staff of lawyers and researchers. But a major hurdle still persisted: presenting that vision in a credible way to the multinational tech firms that hire Ofinno to create patentable, defensible technology.

Grafik’s rebrand of Ofinno, including a new logo, brand positioning, visual identity, website and office design, was ultimately about highlighting what sets the company apart—an extraordinary acceptance rate for patents, fueled by a passion for invention and a results-driven process.

New brand positioning focuses on two aspects of Ofinno’s approach that lend enormous credibility to this claim: the fluid way its teams work, and the integral presence of veteran in-house legal counsel from day one.

Embracing the vision company-wide

In addition to helping Ofinno establish credibility amongst potential clients, Grafik’s work was also reflected across the company’s employee experience. Ofinno’s new website and marketing materials, centered on granting individuals the freedom to excel as part of a focused team, both aid in the recruitment of top-notch PhD engineers. And that ethos is boldly represented in the interior design of Ofinno’s new offices, where we worked with architects to design a space where creativity is valued and supported.

Today, anyone visiting their site or the offices can have confidence that Ofinno’s prior success in making entirely new and viable technology breakthroughs can be replicated for them.