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"Imagine Here"

In 1965, Intelsat launched the first commercial global satellite communications system. Since then it’s been transmitting some of the greatest moments in history for everyone in the world to share. With countless stories to tell, and myriad breakthroughs to acknowledge, Intelsat should be a household name. But a host of new technologies had gradually pushed satellite technology out of the limelight. Intelsat needed to reclaim its leadership position, and it turned to Grafik to help set the foundation for that effort.

Working with executives to support a proposed shift in the business model, strategists at Grafik met with representatives from every division: mobility, networks, media services, and government services, careful to include leaders from a variety of international offices. Our goal was to identify the common threads — the vision that could be shared by all. Additionally, we surveyed technology buyers in a dozen countries in order to understand perspectives on satellite technology, Intelsat, and its many competitors.

Our findings pointed to a solution that elevated the conversation internally and externally. The new brand mantra, Imagine Here, is as much about the potential within Intelsat as it is about the endless possibilities that emerge for customers.

Grafik pushed the color palette and developed a brand identity that focused on the reliability of Intelsat technology and the opportunities it affords. The rollout continues today as the organization prepares to launch globally, but already, the new brand is building excitement and enthusiasm across all corners of the enterprise.

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