data center

Vantage Data Centers

Rebranding for what's to come

Data centers are just big rooms with racks of servers, right? Wrong, that’s like saying a Lamborghini is a fast car. Data centers today are the superstructure enabling the technology that flows out to consumers and securely keeps major entities functioning.

When Vantage Data Centers came to us, they were a regional, West Coast data center provider. The leadership team had a clear vision for becoming a leading global provider to the market they served: hyperscalers, cloud providers and large enterprises. They asked us to help present an entirely new Vantage to the world.

Immersion leads to a new positioning and a new mantra.

We immersed ourselves in Vantage’s re-tooled level of expertise and evident new spirit by conducting deep-dive interviews with the leadership team, third party industry analysts, and clients.

We chose to march under a single word that summed up the shift from what they had been to the global player they had fast become and were building on at all levels every day: Ready.

A new web home—primed for new physical locations

Every page of the new Vantage Data Centers site had to reflect this well-coordinated move to the leading provider of hyperscale data center expertise worldwide—that meant all new messaging, a new consistent look, and the ability to grow as new locations were added across the globe. And it was all done in both English and French.

Marketing and sales materials such as PowerPoint presentations and case studies that could be easily versioned for in-person meetings were also created.

A whole greater than the sum of its parts

Vantage Data Centers’ approach to power, cooling, sustainability, operations, and locations positions them as the go-to partner for the introduction of major technical advances—a fact we drive home at every customer touchpoint. Proven, it can sustain customer success for the long run. Flexible, it can be implemented across the globe and adapt to evolving client needs.