Moving Humanity Forward

From manufacturing motion sensors the size of a grain of sand to creating advanced applications for myriad industries, one company is immersed in every facet of movement. It all started when motion sensor manufacturer, mCube, acquired a leading motion capture company that serves the film, gaming and live entertainment industries, as well as autonomous vehicle systems and industrial motion control. Next came the acquisition of a biometric data company focused on helping elite athletes reach their peak performance and avoid injury. The synergies between the firms spoke to a world of possibilities, and immediate opportunities across Asia, North America and Europe. With so much potential for rapid expansion into new markets, it was critical for the new company to have a powerful brand.

movella logo

Our comprehensive strategy tackled positioning and brand architecture—how industry-focused technologies should be presented to audiences. It began with an immersive research and discovery phase, including extensive interviews with employees and leadership. We identified alignment across company cultures, offerings, and clients to create a brand promise that was authentic, credible and distinctive. Built from the predicate that measuring movement is key to understanding a world of constant motion, we positioned the new merged firm as the entity that brings meaning to movement.

The power and possibilities within this new positioning—moving beyond mere measurement from point A to point B but encompassing progress and innovation—needed to be immediately grasped by existing customers and new prospects.

Creating a name that could be trademarked and used worldwide required deep and rigorous vetting, both from the legal standpoint and from the aspect of any associations the name may have in different languages across the globe.

The new name, Movella, clearly focuses on movement, cleared all hurdles for use worldwide, and was embraced by all those anxious not to lose the cachet of their former company names as they introduced existing clients to the new brand. Making their job simpler was the visual identity that captured, without words, the dynamism and purpose of Movella.

These elements were the building blocks for brand messaging, a new website, brand video and suite of marketing tools introducing Movella to the world.

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