Roaring Into a Rebrand

New leadership had already made its mark on this quiet yet storied science and technology firm. What began as a pure research arm of academia more than six decades ago today synthesizes innovation across Alion divisions to support U.S. warfighters and allies. Reflecting those changes in all marketing and recruitment materials was Grafik’s challenge.

A deep and robust set of new branding elements were built using the existing logo, emphasizing the integrated capabilities Alion brings to every assignment. Their national defense approach focuses not just on contract fulfillment, but on always finding breakthrough solutions in safety, training, and communications. That ethos is reflected in the new mantra, Many Moves Ahead.

Attracting the Brightest Minds


Key to living up to those high standards is attracting the brightest minds, sourced from diverse backgrounds, including recent members of the military with an array of skills and recent graduates ready for responsibilities from day one.

A digital marketing strategy, guided by personas as well as geographic and expertise requirements, drives applicants to a newly rebranded website. The impact was immediate, and the plan is continuously refined by the Grafik team to reflect ever-changing needs.

Today, Alion is part of the HII family, after a post-rebrand acquisition valued at $1.65B