Photography of Faneuil team members used in the new brand identity.


You. Realized.

Faneuil disappears into its clients—a real selling point for a Business Processes Outsourcing firm, but quite a hurdle when it comes to differentiating yourself. Precisely why Faneuil came to Grafik looking for a brand that smartly conveys their unique business acumen, and a site that clearly presents that expertise to several discrete audiences. See the results below.

Faneuil's brand refresh needed a strong logo design to set the tone for the visual identity.


Clients grow efficiently, employees fulfill their potential—that’s the dual promise of Faneuil’s new mantra, "You. Realized." A new logomark playfully alludes to the way the firm seamlessly becomes a part of their client’s operations.

A bright site for better ideas

Reflecting the personality of a unique firm, Grafik helped this customer care chameleon quickly and compellingly appeal to a myriad of potential clients through a new site architecture that lets prospects navigate by service or business sector. You can view the full Faneuil website here.

This website design was direct result of Grafik's branding services.
Faneuil new website mobile design using the new visual identity created by a top branding agency in Washington DC.

“I’d want to work here”

With a robust and winning section on the critically important aspect of recruitment, we demonstrated how Faneuil employees blend into the culture and language of the firms they support, to the point of being guardians of each client’s brand. At the same time, prospective recruits learn that working at Faneuil can help them reach their potential within the workplace. It is a virtuous circle that helps the management team consistently exceed expectations across a wide range of industry and government sectors.

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