Shady Grove Fertility

The New York City fertility center marketplace is a crowded one. With several well-established and well-known names already operating, how do we make Shady Grove Fertility (SGF), one of the largest and most successful fertility centers in the country, stand out as a new player?

A competitive audit revealed that lush photography of adorable babies and families was ubiquitous—who wouldn’t be enchanted? But what set these photos apart from each other? We purposely chose to lead with a different creative approach that starts with an understanding of the emotional toll that comes with trying to conceive.

Introducing "A Better Approach"

After interviews and focus groups with patients and physicians, it was clear that while every fertility journey is different, everyone has received well-intentioned but useless advice while seeking answers. For those ready to begin treatment—our primary target audience—the inadequacy of this advice is both obvious and annoying. They’ve even tried some of these “folk remedies” out of desperation. They’re now ready for real science and medicine that gets results—carried out with heart and humanity as only SGF does.

Multichannel campaign launch

In addition to the :30 spot, we created a series of paid social and digital display ads introducing SGF to the NYC market. All drove to a landing page housing the full length campaign video and a call to schedule an appointment at the new location.

Campaign results

Word-of-mouth referrals, in tandem with the paid campaign, resulted in a wave of website visits and user-generated testimonials from patients. 

shady grove fertility campaign case study

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