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Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Strengthening an Alliance

We recently took on the challenge of rebranding the oldest and largest colorectal cancer non-profit in the country. Colon Cancer Alliance, as it was known at the time, had just merged with Chris4Life, and the entity was looking to raise awareness of its strategic goals, and underscore its value to a wide variety of audiences. Grafik developed an approach that brings new meaning to the word “alliance”, and showcases the organization’s passionate network of patients, survivors, healthcare providers, and caregivers.

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In the course of our discovery process, we saw just how many people were dependent on the organization’s vast network of survivors. Patients and families have relied on a host of support programs since the doors were first opened. Donors believe the Alliance is a powerful engine to increase awareness and advance research. Similarly, health providers and researchers regard CCA as a go-to resource and a critical ally in the fight to end colorectal cancer. Building on this foundation, Grafik worked to reposition the organization as a Nation of Allies, and helped leadership develop a more inclusive name. To capture the urgency of their efforts, we also created a new brand mantra, Tomorrow Can’t Wait.™

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Launching a nation of allies

Grafik designed and developed the nationofallies.org microsite as a national platform for Allies to show their support and educate their local communities on prevention and screening options. During the 2017 Tomorrow Can’t Wait National Conference at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, we launched the brand with the microsite, banner-ups, a social media engagement campaign, and hand-held photo props focused on members of the Nation of Allies and their stories. Conference attendees, friends and family, and other supporters had an opportunity to declare, “I’m an ally.” Immediately post-launch, on the first Giving Tuesday since the rebranding effort, the Alliance raised more funds than at any other time in their history.

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“It is with great enthusiasm that I acknowledge the professionalism, prestige, and expertise of Grafik. Through Grafik’s leadership and guidance, Colorectal Cancer Alliance is now equipped to succeed in ways never thought imaginable. Grafik gave us a new name, a new logo, and a new beginning. Because of their work, we are now able to truly make the necessary impact needed to save as many lives as possible.”

Michael Sapienza, CEO

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