Award-winning DC branding agency, Grafik, developed and executed an awareness campaign to promote CFF clinical trials.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

A trailblazing awareness campaign

Awe-inspiring advances in the treatment of cystic fibrosis have added tomorrows for thousands now living with what was formerly seen as a pediatric disease. Our long-time client, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, plays a major role supporting both patients and the scientific community. CF clinical trials are key to continuing this progress—but with a patient population of fewer than 35,000 people across the country, enrolling patients in the hundreds of ongoing trials is difficult.

Grafik partnered with CFF to promote awareness of CFF clinical trials

The Trailblazer campaign

The Foundation built and hosts a powerful tool on its website—the clinical trial finder. But awareness of the finder, and of the importance of participation in clinical trials, needed a boost. Leveraging the foundation’s unique commitment to a collaborative approach in seeking the ultimate cure, we created the multi-media Trailblazer campaign. Highlighting the importance of trials, it recognized the entire community’s role—from patients to supporters to researchers. We also focused on the surprising number of trials, and the ease of researching them thanks to the trial finder.

On the walls, in patient’s hands

Posters in care centers (where patients typically come four times a year), counter cards in waiting rooms listing the campaign microsite, and social media templates so the always active and supportive local chapters can spread the word, were all part of the campaign. On the microsite, visitors can choose their journey as adults, teens, or parents and see how others like them have participated.

Award-winning branding agency, Grafik, leveraged user journeys for CFF's responsive microsite. CFF awareness campaign to promote clinical trial poster

Results Delivered

Key performance indicators centered on increased use of the Clinical Trial Finder—more traffic to the finder, greater time spent on the Clinical Trial Finder page, and more “Ask About Participating in This Study” submissions. In just over a month, the campaign shattered the goals.

Infographic of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Mock-up of mobile-first responsive site for CFF created and developed by D.C. branding agency, Grafik

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