Reaching every learner

With a passion for creating high-impact learning experiences for students of all ages, three extraordinary teachers founded Doctrina, a company committed to bringing the treasures of museums into the classroom — particularly for those who might never have a chance to see it all in person. Their initial projects with the Smithsonian were so well received that the founders quickly broadened their focus. They believed the same moment of awe could be triggered for libraries, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. What was needed was a clear value proposition — and a name that captured the experience.

In the course of our immersive research phase, we identified the need to refine their messaging and bring the focus back to their fundamental purpose: To tap into the sense of wonder every child experiences when they step into remarkable institutions. Also, we hoped to convey the importance of community and the togetherness of learning from these cultural treasures. And so, a new mission-driven name was born: Wondrus.

Equipped with a revitalized name, logo, visual identity, website, and marketing collateral, Wondrus is now poised to partner with educational organizations around the globe. They invite their clients to welcome the throngs of children who may never step through their doors. They tell them to be wondrous. And interest from dozens of museums and non-profit organizations have come pouring in.

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