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Strayer University

From aspirations to diplomas

Strayer University helps working adults, typically time-strapped heads of households, to further their education. We were tasked with creating a new, lead-generating site that spoke to both the high school grad taking their first college course after years away from the classroom, and the executive seeking another graduate degree to accelerate their career.

Persona based user journeys were essential for this Strayer University awareness marketing campaign by D.C. branding agency, Grafik.

Attracting qualified applicants

We started by creating personas for the different types of undergraduate and graduate applicants who would be visiting the site. We then mapped out user journeys, at once providing degree and class information, but also addressing the varied barriers we knew existed from our own and existing Strayer research—all informed by a detailed content strategy.

Clear user journey call outs to streamline user experience on the new Strayer website developed by D.C. branding agency Grafik.

The idea was that by creating these practical user journeys, requests for more information would be filled out further down the funnel. Then, when Strayer admissions officers spoke with the applicants, calls would be more efficient as the leads would be better qualified.

Learning never stops

Results so far have borne out the theory—at the end of the first class registration period to accept applications entirely through the new site, completed class enrollments increased.

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