Big Dreams, Big Results

No one should have to choose between basic necessities and affording vital prescription medications. That’s why FamilyWize, a prescription discount card company, asked for a hand in reaching more patients in need of financial help to broaden their reach from regional to national customer use. As a player with lots of competition, they needed a champion with a knack for innovative user experience design to help to set them apart and grow their market share.

The Dream Team

At the onset of our partnership, FamilyWize was assembling a team of internal marketers and consultants with expertise that included public relations pundits, social media mavens and analytics aces. Our role was to help them dream big, then create a digital marketing strategy to support those dreams.

The Game Plan

Insight from careful research into the demographics of their current and prospective customers aided in formulating a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy, which included a fresh, user-focused website, a highly targeted digital ad campaign, as well as a brand new easy-to-navigate mobile app. The FamilyWize app drastically increased usage by repeat customers who would often be ready to check out at the pharmacy by the time they thought about their prescription discount card. This invaluable asset, accompanied by our full service array of deliverables took their market share to new levels.

As a result of our teamwork, not only did FamilyWize successfully move into the national market, the culmination of our success resulted in FamilyWize eventually being acquired by SingleCare.

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