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American Physiological Society

Breathing new life into a scientific body

Long known as a community of clinicians, researchers, and educators, the American Physiological Society (APS) was laboring under “… a pervasive misconception that physiology is an old, outdated discipline,” according to their new executive director Scott Steen. What Grafik found was a vibrant organization engaged in some of the
most exciting and important biomedical research imaginable, all dedicated to the mission of advancing scientific discovery, understanding life, and improving health.

We set out to refresh the APS brand, providing a new logo and visual identity as well as refined messaging that reflects the breadth of the society’s focus—all presented to their full membership at their annual conference.

American Physiological Society Logo

Focusing on their role in expanding and disseminating knowledge related to all biological function, a refined articulation of their positioning was created. This new positioning and supporting messaging made clear that APS connects a multidisciplinary community of scientists and educators from around the world to drive collaboration and elevate scientific discoveries. But how does this concept of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation come to life in a new logo? By wedding a fluid new logo to a visual identity that embodies exploration and collaboration—all to form a system that can be applied across all today's media to reflect the true spirit of APS.

Applying the new brand across the globe

Their existing site received a visual facelift, and the new brand is currently coming to life within the offices of APS. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive among members, and APS staff have been able to take Grafik-supplied assets to create and disseminate compelling stories of the foundational role physiology plays within the scientific community worldwide.

American Physiological Society Logo
American Physiological Society logo on a board and banner
APS board - Unfolding the Mysteries of Life
American Physiological Society - Logo and posters
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