ECG Management Consultants

No longer the best-kept secret in healthcare

Healthcare consultancy ECG Management knows what it means to solve problems in the industry. With over four decades of industry expertise, rigorous data analytics, and strategic foresight, ECG specializes in bringing the best solutions to those that need it most. All they needed was a strong digital marketing partner to help transform their online presence.

Clearing the path for solution seekers

After various interviews, focus group tests, and a deep dive into website analytics, we discovered that while ECG was seen as highly reputable by industry insiders, many of its potential clients were struggling to uncover the most valuable aspects of its expertise and services. To clear the path towards more new partnerships, we redesigned the ECG website with streamlined user journeys that better address the problems and pain points gathered in our upfront findings and lead prospects to prominent calls to action.

Over time, our partnership with ECG has grown to encompass all aspects of online and offline marketing, from the design and development of integrated lead generation campaigns to custom illustrations and thought leadership collateral. We regularly leverage online surveys, social proof and client testimonials to validate the effectiveness of working with ECG, driving such significant visibility and reputation value that Siemens Healthineers acquired a majority stake in the company in 2019.