Bridging the Gap, Saving Lives

Nephcure Kidney International, the leading advocacy group for accelerating research for rare forms of kidney disease (Nephrotic Syndrome), came to us in need of a way to connect patients with life-sustaining clinical trials in order for pharmaceutical companies to continue their critical research.

After a deep dive into their baseline user experience, we discovered that there was an opportunity to create an easy-to-navigate online tool that would allow patients at every stage of their treatment journey to learn about available clinical trials and to register for qualified matches in one place, rather than sorting through tedious government portals.

nephcure website

In addition to advocacy, Nephcure is the leading provider of education and support for people suffering with rare kidney diseases. With a well established market share and database of patients, the key was to bridge the gap between pharma companies recruiting qualified registrants to their studies and patients seeking potentially life-saving treatment.

Unprecedented Results

Employing a user-based approach, not only did we create a streamlined tool that was wildly successful, but many major pharmaceutical companies noted that what we had created was unprecedented. The ultimate success came when Nephcure expanded to become an international resource for connecting patients and pharmaceutical companies, opening doors for a future cure for these rare and complex diseases.