Acentra Health

Accelerating better outcomes

Founded in 1994, CNSI has grown to be the go-to healthcare technology solutions partner in various industries, including State Medicaid, Federal and State Health IT, and Government IT. In late 2022, CNSI merged with Kepro, an innovator providing technology-enabled services for priority populations. Both brands, powerhouses in their respective markets, needed to evolve into a single brand to reflect its newly merged culture, the expansive technology portfolio now available to clients, and reposition themselves among competitors. 

To begin the branding initiative, Grafik conducted a comprehensive immersion and research process. This involved reviewing existing research, and brand documents, and conducting internal and external interviews, to gather insights and understand stakeholders’ perspectives. Web surveys were also utilized to collect feedback from employees and clients. Based on these activities, we identified positioning opportunities that would create distinction in the marketplace, credibility with all stakeholders, and authenticity both internally and externally.

What was revealed? An even more vital partner to our nation’s healthcare agencies that elevates the healthcare experience and enhances the healthcare journey for priority populations. 

To underscore the new brand mantra—"accelerating better outcomes”—Grafik sought an ownable name that embraced the concept of “Acceleration” and “Central.” The name, Acentra Health, embodies the commitment this new brand has to serve as the central, vital partner to its clients to accelerate progress and innovation in healthcare.

The brand name, along with the new logo, colors, and messaging was a thoughtful process. Not only to recognize the well-respected brands established as individual companies but the path forward as one. The result is a fresh, modern brand that captures the transformation into a formidable force in the industry.

But this was only the beginning as Grafik collaborated with the internal marketing and HR teams to introduce the new brand to over 3,000 employees in the US and India. This brand rollout included:

  • Employee value proposition, inclusive of values
  • Internal rallying cry and messaging
  • Brand toolkit of stylized templates, presentations, social media creative, iconography, guidelines, brand essence video, swag, virtual backgrounds
  • Virtual launch event

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