The Haven building at the National Harbor

The Haven At National Harbor

A lead generation campaign to raise awareness

National Harbor is well-known and loved as a destination, but few see it as a place to settle down. That has changed thanks to a Peterson Companies condominium, The Haven. Our charge was to help likely purchasers discover that life near the water was now an affordable reality; our deep understanding of The Haven’s target audiences, gained from establishing the brand and visual identity, was the foundation of these efforts.

Photograph of the Haven resident.

Capturing more qualified leads

There’s plenty to highlight when it comes to The Haven—an excellent home value in the DC metro area, walking distance to all that’s in National Harbor paired with access to major transportation hubs, brand new floorplans with the amenities people want, and the opportunity to live steps from the waters of the Potomac River.

By using a media strategy and messaging mix specifically versioned for awareness, consideration, and decision stages, we were able to generate more qualified prospects for fewer media dollars.

3 images of The Haven property

Continuously refining targets and messaging

Leveraging existing research to identify key decision drivers, we presented the right message at the right time while factoring in the seasonality of the buying cycle. In the Spring and Fall we used awareness messaging concentrated in better-performing vehicles, while the Summer campaigns, with their emphasis on retargeting, presented a proven consideration message.

We then further refined our messaging through ongoing A/B testing. This gave us valuable information to improve performance during the campaigns, and let us create a new baseline for even greater efficiency when implementing the next round of advertisements.

The Haven display ads for their apartment listings
Results Text

The refinements enacted for the second flight yielded the following:

Statistics in 4 different squares with different coloring 3 images of the Haven website, ad, and building

Rising to the top of the market

We soared 180 feet above the Potomac to explore how strategic branding and marketing have helped the Haven become one of the fastest-selling condo projects in the DC region.

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