Merritt 3 webpages for their new site

Merritt Clubs Lead Generation

The case for building a demand engine

After rebranding Merritt Clubs and building a transactional site employing a new brand identity, messaging, mantra, and carefully developed user journeys based on custom-created marketing personas, many agencies would consider their work done. Ours was just beginning.


With a perpetual beta strategy in place, optimization of the website never stopped. Email nurture campaigns, including discrete landing pages, were launched, monitored and refined. Marketing offers were tested, as was the language of each individual offer.

Metrics—website engagement, lead generation, and efficacy of marketing campaigns—were tracked on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis within a Grafik-created reporting and benchmark scorecard. The results speak for themselves.

Optimizing Weekly

With key measurements in place, Grafik digital strategists could provide sound, research-backed recommendations for weekly micro-pivots on the site and to campaigns. The team leveraged HotJar heat maps to make UX improvements, and conducted A/B tests in WordPress to test which creative performed the best on the site.

We also tracked Google AdWords display ad performance to inform future campaign strategy and Google Analytics to improve users’ journeys throughout the site.

In short, every website update, campaign plan, and business decision was informed by the weekly monitoring and analytics. By creating a site—and complementary marketing campaigns—with the capability for this close analysis built-in from day one, we not only were able to launch a strategically sound brand, but effectively market and continuously refine it.

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