Reinventing primary care for Philly-area seniors 

Patina provides a new way to deliver care: dedicated teams combine digital appointments (video, phone and chat via a mobile app and website) with in-home visits and coordinate labs and specialists. Serving only people 65 and older with Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, and at no additional cost, they are an option in MA’s list of Primary Care Physicians.

New to the Philly market, the startup came to Grafik with a brand and site already established, along with months of awareness building prior to Medicare Open Enrollment. However, they were falling far short of engagement goals. No wonder—it was easy to be lumped in with the torrent of Medicare plan ads in the market at the same time.

The first step was to fine-tune their personas (those just turning 65 to those with complex chronic conditions to family caring for loved ones and more) to enable more targeted media buys. We then refined creative to more closely align with the targets, and monitored the results to collaboratively make changes as needed-adding budget to top performers and eliminating under performers—in advance of our weekly strategy and reporting meetings with the client.

As Patina continues to expand its offering to include new providers, we’re continuing to help them reach their goals. Notable results include:

•  Increased new users and sessions on the site by nearly 50%

•  Over 3,000 leads generated

•  Nearly 500 new patients enrolled

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