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Over 50 years, The Dragas Companies have welcomed home thousands of families. Our comprehensive rebrand included new positioning, tailored messaging, and a visual identity that served as the foundation for a new digital footprint. To reach and resonate with high-intent prospects, we also developed a campaign that followed users throughout their buyer’s journey.

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Leveraging user research about how audiences search for homes and interact with real estate brands, we built a website designed to drive visitors toward conversion. To reach and resonate with high-intent prospects, we developed a media and messaging strategy that addresses the different needs of each persona.

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A campaign designed to convert.

The approach was a three-tiered campaign: Facebook to increase name brand awareness, Google Ads to capture those searching for new homes in specific locations, and retargeting ads to keep The Dragas Companies top-of-mind throughout each visitor’s home search. This marketing strategy, refined throughout its implementation through creative testing and channel oversight, delivered the right content to the right audiences for each community.

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Dragas Lead Generation Traffic - 42% increase
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Clearly, there’s no digital divide at The Dragas Companies when it comes to offering an inviting and informative virtual journey that lives up to the warmth and beauty of their homes.

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