National Grocers Association

At the heart of the community

Consumers across America see independent grocers as “their” stores, and with good reason. Unlike many large supermarket chains, these family-owned and regional retailers are known to more freely respond to the tastes and requests of their shoppers, offer locally farmed and manufactured products, and serve as community business leaders.

The goal of our rebrand for the National Grocers Association was to highlight this integral role independent grocers play in strengthening and nourishing the communities they serve, while also demonstrating the significant economic impact and innovation being driven by the sector at large.

A key theme surfaced again and again in our one-on-one interviews and roundtables with member grocers, Capitol Hill audiences, and supplier partners:

Independent grocers are at the heart of the community.

While NGA has always promoted the concept of independence in its messaging, the new brand strategy expands this notion to include the idea of community in a way that is authentic, credible and distinctive.

national grocers association offices

There is equity in the image of the family business, but it was also essential to show independent grocers as dynamic and efficient business leaders. Starting with a more friendly and legible logo, we designed a new brand identity that modernizes NGA’s visual vocabulary, while keeping true to its history, and credible claim, as a piece of Americana.

The resulting rebrand leverages a robust toolbox of design elements—including industry photography, illustrations and patterns—which NGA can flexibly apply across its advocacy, research and education materials to better support its members.