U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

The Challenge

Silicon Valley may get all the headlines, but your smartphone is smart thanks to some very dedicated people on the banks of the Potomac. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has a mission to advance the defense of the United States, and as they do, plenty of breakthroughs end up in civilian hands. Our mission was to create the kind of awareness that wins game-changing grants and attracts the brightest minds.

The Solution

Provide a compelling framework encapsulating the rich variety of projects that make NRL the first choice for breakthrough research. Grafik undertook a comprehensive branding initiative that focused on aligning its many divisions and increasing awareness of the overarching story.


Naval Research Laboratory Logo


We guided the lab’s most senior players through an engagement that included primary research efforts, positioning workshops, development of messaging platforms, and design of a new corporate logo. Subsequently, we partnered with a team at NRL to reimagine the NRL website, designing and writing many of the top-level pages directed at key audiences.

In the course of the internal brand launch, Dr. John Montgomery, Director of Research, unveiled the new brand statement, the logo and mantra, and the refreshed site, commenting, “At NRL, we are always advancing. And now we have a brand that reflects that forward leaning. A brand that will help everyone understand the kind of research we do, and why it matters.”

Naval Research Laboratory Pocketfolder
Naval Research Laboratory Banners

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