Merritt Clubs, Strong is Just Showing Up, Billboard

Merritt Clubs Brand Development

Shaping up a 40-year-old fitness brand

The need for a branding refresh brought Baltimore’s top-rated gym to Grafik for a complete makeover. With insights from Merritt Athletic Club’s leadership and staff, as well as input from members and broader external research, we created a new naming convention and omnichannel branding program that’s turning heads. And earned an Award of Distinction from the 2018 Rebrand 100 Global Awards.


Merritt Clubs focuses on the well-being of its members by engaging with them one-on-one, supporting their active lifestyles, and fostering a happy, healthy fitness community. The new logo evokes the boldness and vibrancy of the brand, and the new mantra underscores Merritt’s unique approach to helping everyone achieve their goals.

Fitness that matters is a result of digital and brand consultants of Grafik.
One of Merritt Clubs many fitness enthusiasts working out in the newly branded gyms of baltimore.
Merritt Clubs new gym visual identity collateral. Merritt clubs new visual identity billboard. New branded collateral as part of Merritt Clubs gym.

​The new features a more intuitive user experience, stronger calls to action, and plenty of opportunities to engage.

Fully responsive web design based on the visual identity created by our designers and brand strategists.

We launched the new brand with a New Year’s campaign in print, broadcast, and social media channels and continued to refine their marketing efforts to increase leads 39% year-over-year.

Grafik redesigned and rebranded Merritt Clubs of Baltimore and promoted the new visual identity with a strong awareness campaign with this collateral.
Promotional collateral and visual identity for Merritt included business cards, pamphlets, brochures and a strong digital campaign. This is one of the billboards Grafik developed as part of a very strong brand architecture that included Merritt Companies, Merritt Construction and Merritt Clubs.

“We have always been focused on the health and happiness of our members. This rebrand is helping us tell that story.”


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