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RainKing IT

Strategic product branding in a crowded market

When clients understand and use all that RainKing has to offer, they love it. After all, RainKing provides actionable research on more than 50,000 companies across North America, Europe, and around the world. Specifically, what IT products those companies need and who are the decision-makers with purchasing authority. In other words, exactly what IT sales and marketing teams need to shine.

But an outdated image that focused on leads without differentiating the firm from copycat competitors was holding them back. When new leadership came aboard, they turned to Grafik to evolve their brand into one that matched the quality of their services.

“Prospects needed an easier way to experience the depth and quality of our sales intelligence.”

Grafik's digital strategists use target audience personas and various engagement platforms to information all rebranding efforts.


Through our rebranding process—including auditing competitors’ marketing and business strategies, and extensive interviews with current and former clients and RainKing leadership—Grafik got to the core of what makes this growing company great. While data is a low-cost commodity, truly personalized intelligence—what you get from RainKing—is a valuable force multiplier for sales teams.

Information architecture (IA) for RainKing's rebranding and website redesign efforts created by UX designers at a top digital agency, Grafik.
Case study wireframes for RainKing's rebranding efforts executed by a top digital agency, Grafik.

Website architecture, design and development

Grafik and RainKing developed marketing and user experience personas, including buyers’ journey maps, to understand how prospects evaluate sales intelligence solutions. Armed with these insights, we redesigned the website user experience to surface key value propositions that guide prospects through the discovery, evaluation, and consideration phases. In partnership with RainKing, we developed an API that surfaces searchable company profiles from the RainKing research database—giving prospects a true sense of the benefits of the RainKing platform. By integrating HubSpot’s marketing automation platform, RainKing can now personalize the entire customer lifecycle.

Brand identity efforts case study, including a new logo and mantra, for RainKing.


The refreshed brand leads with the mantra, “sales intelligence realized,” paired with a new logo and mark carried through all RainKing materials. The Mantra highlights the critical nature of truly personalized information, while site messaging versioned to distinct user roles drives home RainKing’s day-to-day value. The logomark elegantly and simply evokes the idea of surfacing the most valuable piece of information, that “needle in the haystack” we heard people talk about again and again.

Case study example of a tablet rendering of RainKing's rebranding and website redesign executed by top brand agency, Grafik. RainKing's homepage screen created by marketing consultants reflecting the rebranding and website redesign efforts executed by Grafik. Web designers optimized RainKing's UX and UI for their website redesign, as seen in these screens of the site.

Brand rollout and office execution

As the brand launch coincided with an office move to a more millennial-friendly Bethesda location, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the interior designer and architect of the new workplace. In this way, the fresh identity carries through every channel, from cyberspace to office space—great for meeting critical recruitment goals.

“With the build-out of their new offices underway, we brought the brand voice and visual identity to life.”

Grafik incorporated RainKing's brand identity and rebranding efforts down to the wall of their office, as displayed in this image of one of their conference rooms with the mantra proudly displayed on the wall. When rebranding RainKing, Grafik incorporated elements of their new brand identity from their office walls, to t-shirts, and even coffee mugs.

“We wanted to create a brand that reflects the caliber of the product and service we continue to deliver, and we couldn’t be happier with the result of this effort.”


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