Brand identity and naming of The Parker by Bozzuto was executed by top branding agency, Grafik.

Bozzuto - The Parker

Brand naming, and all that jazz

From naming the property to infusing it with its own unique style, Grafik seized the moment and brought The Parker to life. Inspired by jazz music, the name is intended to evoke a brand experience that’s elegant and sophisticated, while simultaneously intimate and relaxed. We created a persona to appeal to our younger, urban-oriented target demo, and this gave us a way to highlight features in a fresh new language—the vernacular of “Parker.”

Our work was featured in the August 3 issue of Communication Arts, but more important was the reaction of our partners at MRP. “Grafik’s vision integrated seamlessly with our design and construction,” noted MRP Residential Principal John Begert. “Every piece of marketing produced by Grafik projects the essence of The Parker.” You can view the full website here.

The Parker brochure as part of Bozzuto's latest apartment collateral for their new brand identity roll-out.
Woman with a guitar embodies Bozzuto's brand identity for their new apartment building branding efforts executed by top branding agency, Grafik.
Grafik Blog The Parker More Than A Residence It's A Lifestyle Photo Brand identity assets for consistent marketing across all platforms for The Parker. Out of home advertising for the Parker
The Parker cards and interior image
The Parker's brand strategy included marketing collateral like these folders.
The Parker's brand roll-out included digital assets that linked back to a cohesive brand strategy.
Marketing collateral for The Parker crossed many platforms, even bicycles.
Corn hole bags with The Parker's brand marketing messaging to align with the overall apartment complex brand identity.
The Parker's brand marketing collateral included a brochure embodying the brand identity and brand strategy.

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