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Making stronger connections

Reliability. Security. Capacity. These were the most important themes for a satellite network service that had a vision of delivering next generation connectivity. Working closely with the client to guide them through a robust rebranding effort that spanned strategic planning, naming, testing, logo and visual identity development, as well as launch of a new website design, we wrote a new chapter in the company’s history and launched Ligado Networks.

Desktop rendering of Ligado's redesigned website after Grafik executed a brand strategy campaign.

Brand strategy

The name Ligado—the clear winner of all the names tested—is Portuguese and Spanish for “switched on” or “connected.” The Mantra we developed, “making stronger connections,” describes how their technology benefits customers and speaks to the relationships they foster with partners. Together, these brand elements provide a framework for storytelling.

Marketing concept of Ligado's brand strategy for their advanced satellite networks.
Photography of Ligado's marketing collateral pamphlet for their branding strategy.
Homepage screen showing Ligado's new visual identity.

Brand identity

To bring Ligado Networks to life, we created a new visual identity and design vocabulary that would emphasize connectivity. We then applied the new identity across numerous brand elements, incorporating visual components and revisiting existing language to quickly communicate their offerings.

Read more about the rebranding effort here. You can view the full Ligado website at this link.

Case study photography of Ligado's brand identity collateral.
Brand marketing collateral for Ligado's rebranding efforts executed by top digital agency Grafik.
Case study example of brand identity work for Ligado which included the design of this hoodie for employees.
Case study branding services example of Ligado's moleskin journal that aligns with their new brand identity created by top brand consultants at Grafik.

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