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Brand Identity / 06.03.2016

NRL brand launch

Last week, Grafik was on hand for the launch of the new U.S. Naval Research Laboratory brand. After working with the leadership at NRL for a number of months, it was tremendously rewarding to find ourselves standing with well over 500 scientists and engineers from NRL’s 26 divisions. With live video feed, we were connected to eager constituents at the NRL facilities in Monterey, California and Key West, Florida, as well as those at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Everyone was gathered for the big reveal of a brand that had not been touched in more than 50 years.

Dr. John Montgomery, who has been at the helm for more than 40 years brought the keynote address, pointing to the need to unite the distinct divisions and increase awareness of all the truly awesome work that goes on at this 100-year-old institution. He and Captain Mark Bruington, the Commanding Officer, were active participants in the rebranding initiative, and great supporters of our efforts.

“We are always advancing,” said Dr. Montgomery. “And with this new brand, we have a way to showcase that.” At the end of his brief presentation, he unveiled a new logo for NRL, as well as a new mantra — Further Than You Can Imagine® — which serves to underscore the degree to which every division at NRL is advancing engineering and scientific research.

Response has been strong, and staff have already been turning to the online brand toolkit for newly developed templates and collateral materials. A re-skinned website went live on launch day, and there’s discussion underway to evolve the site further.

We are proud of the work we were able to do with this great organization, and we’re looking forward to helping NRL bring this new brand to life.

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