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Launching Carsquare

We’re always excited to take part in a client’s brand launch, but we were especially happy to host the launch party for Carsquare last week, right in our own studio. DC-based startup, Carsquare, came to Grafik earlier in the year looking to clearly define their brand and develop a richer user experience. On Tuesday evening, we unveiled the results of a six-month initiative that included a new logo, a new tagline, and sexy new website that puts Carsquare in high gear. Guests included investors, local media, and several new Grafik clients.

The newly launched site represents the first big step for this evolving brand. In the coming months, Carsquare will continue to change the way we shop for cars. This latest version offers a “garage” feature for shoppers who want to save their search results and share them with friends and family across their favorite SM channels. Soon, the site will deliver tools to create smarter, savvier carbuyers—all with the intention of consistently demonstrating Carsquare’s new mantra, Search Them All. Find The One.

We’ll have more on Carsquare in the next few weeks. For now, we offer up a big thanks to Khurrum, Phil, Ron, Mikah and Scott. They gave us the keys, and together we started up a powerful new engine.

For more images of the event check out our Facebook page.

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