sculpture created for Waldron Wealth Management


A more accessible brand architecture

Waldron is a boutique wealth management firm in the Pittsburgh area advising high net worth individuals, families, and family offices on far more than investments alone. With a diverse and specialized staff, their holistic approach featured expertise in tax and estate planning, philanthropic giving, business succession, and more. In other words, all that makes significant wealth complex.

They knew simplifying their clients’ lives was a key differentiator, yet the way they described their offerings was making the process seem anything but simple. Their name, Waldron Wealth Management, implied investment management alone, leaving out a significant portion of their value to clients. To attract the type of clients needed to reach aggressive growth goals at the start of their third decade, they saw the need to rebrand the firm.

Waldron offers greater focus on how best to simplify the complexities of significant wealth, so each family can achieve what’s most important in their lives.

Waldron's rebranding included renaming and revision of the mantra to better embody the brand strategy.


After conducting stakeholder interviews, Grafik recommended renaming the advisory in a way that is both more accurate and better defines the target—Waldron Private Wealth. At the same time, we revised the mantra to express how the firm addresses their clients’ most significant pain point.

Bringing the idea to life

For the new site and in all communications, Grafik commissioned sculptures representing both the complexity of wealth and the clarity of Waldron’s approach. Made of actual financial documents, from tax forms to portfolio performance reports, they visually represent the journey from chaos to simplicity in a striking yet elegant way. A new logo, colors, positioning, and messaging hierarchy were a vital part of the rebrand.

Certainty-orgnization-focus-Integration case study and designs

More than messaging: structure

Waldron’s offerings are broad—they do a lot for their clients. As we worked through the strategy, it became clear that the way those services were organized internally was hiding a true differentiator. Together, we moved the organizational structure from disciplines employed to services offered. The staff recognized and embraced the greater credibility it gave them as most trusted advisors. You can view the Waldron website at here.

Asset displaying a component of Waldron's digital strategy.
Waldron brand identity created by Grafik.
Waldron's rebranding efforts included incorporating the new design, logo, and mantra in day-to-day materials like folders and business cards.
Photography of Waldron glasses as part of their successful rebranding efforts executed by top marketing agency, Grafik.
Responsive tablet website redesign for Waldron's rebranding campaign.
Top digital marketing agency, Grafik, redesigned Waldron's website to increase customer engagement and improve UX.


Mirroring the new mantra, “Simplifying Wealth. Simplifying Life,” Grafik architected a clean and easily navigable content structure for Waldron’s new website. Client needs now took center stage; it became clear that Waldron could not only provide a service, they could make lives simpler. The underlying technology followed suit—a new CMS platform with a responsive design makes the site both simple to manage for Waldron and easy to access for potential investors.

One of many digital assets Grafik, a top branding agency in D.C., created for Waldron's rebranding campaign to better align with their new brand identity.


“Simplifying Life” now has the credibility that comes from showing how Waldron can assume all the complexities of a client’s significant wealth. Grafik offered new ways of describing services by turning plain case studies into pain-point scenarios that resonate with their affluent targets.

“Grafik’s rebrand of Waldron is beautiful, professional and strategic. But what’s most impressive is that it is absolutely true to who we are and how we relate to our clients. It was as if they were in our heads all along.”


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