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U.S. Census Bureau

A longstanding relationship

For more than a decade, the Grafik team, with our Special Sworn Status from the Department of Commerce, has played a leadership role in the successful execution of the Economic Census, the nation’s official five-year measure of the U.S. economy.

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In addition to measuring the nation’s population every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts another 100+ surveys each year. The business data collected is the foundation of the nation’s economic statistics, including the GDP, making this information critical to forecasting for both the government and private sector.

We conduct the research, craft messaging, and create the strategic marketing plans and campaign materials that enable use of “trusted voice” partners (e.g., industry groups, regional chambers, advisors to small businesses) as a force multiplier to promote response to these surveys and awareness of their importance.

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For the 2017 Economic Census Response Promotion Campaign we:

• Provided digital assets and promotional materials for use on the Economic Census website.

• Produced “See How It All Adds Up” video series in conjunction with the Census Bureau video team.

• Developed collateral materials, including PowerPoint displays, for comprehensive partner briefings.

• Created the Intermediary Engagement Kit, which includes display advertising, Facebook posts, print advertising, and messaging.

Census Bureau Print ad regarding the economy
US Census Bureau Spanish Brochure

Facilitating a smooth transition to electronic reporting, which is not only simpler for respondents but also speeds statistical analysis, is the latest focus in our outreach to American businesses as we educate, motivate and promote response.

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