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National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative

A more modern user experience for members

NRTC plays a unique role—helping fellow cooperatives and affiliate member firms bring all the advantages of today’s connected world to rural America. They scout, consult and support solutions ranging from fiber optics to smart grids for electric utilities and telecoms, made available through both wholly-owned subsidiaries and partner providers. NRTC asked Grafik to develop brand and digital strategies, a strong brand identity, and a new, deeper web experience for both prospects and members.

NRTC identifies, evaluates, and supports innovative technology solutions that benefit member businesses as well as consumers.

NRTC new logo design by a top digital marketing agency in Alexandria VA.


NRTC was well known to its unique customer base as an aggregator of a variety of products and services. Yet that is only half the story. Having assiduously built their technological expertise in recent years, NRTC today provides deep support throughout the lifecycle of purchases that represent major upgrades and investments on the part of their members, from evaluation through implementation and beyond.

Their true role as a “trusted technology partner” was surfaced through the depth and utility of a new site, refined messaging and an evocative brand identity—including a logo redesign—that at once speaks to evolving technology and the breadth of solutions offered by NRTC.

NRTC responsive website redesign shown in mobile layout.
New brand identity for NRTC showcased in the digital design of the website. NRTC brand collateral materials including magazine, brochure and tradeshow booth banners.

“Grafik helped us bring to life our declaration of ‘member driven, technology focused’ across all channels, eliciting an enthusiastic response both here at NRTC and from our members across the country.”


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