Sculpting a social media strategy for DC residents

FITDC, an urban fitness and health initiative from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office provides free high-end community events that focus on wellness for DC residents with the aim of breaking down barriers and stigmas around physical and mental health. With the cause-motivated young professional as well as the self-care novice Gen Xer in mind, FITDC orchestrators reached out to Grafik to help build their social media presence to expand their reach and elevate their credibility around the District. 

Focusing heavily on Instagram, Grafik devised a strategy that included both organic and paid content to raise awareness and entice community members to follow along and get involved. Due to the initiative originating in the mayor’s office, it was important to connect with followers using a relatable, approachable voice rather than the expected formal stance of government policy. In addition, branded elements were incorporated into the Instagram grid, as well as the account profile for a cohesive and professional look and feel.

A portfolio of diverse content formats that included static graphics, event photo carousels, and most importantly Instagram Reels allowed the team to distribute saveable, shareable posts that were prioritized by the algorithm. Grafik leveraged FITDC’s squad of brand ambassadors which consists of the District’s hottest health and wellness influencers, fitness trainers, and business owners, allowing FITDC to reach their respective following through content collaborations. Short-form video Reels, using trending themes and high-quality FITDC-commissioned visuals helped to skyrocket impressions and profile visits.

Grafik optimized existing organic content with integrated social campaigns across Facebook and Instagram, which were instrumental in generating followers. In addition Reels were repurposed for TikTok ads, which led users back to the Instagram profile page. The collective efforts of the team resulted in 1,500 new followers in 4 months, a 49% increase, and ultimately continued funding sponsorships. 

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