Supply chain power unleashed

BrillDog is an emerging supply chain and transportation management software company, filling a gap in the market by serving small- and medium-sized businesses. From organizing and managing product sourcing to PO and freight management, BrillDog’s software provides actionable insights and advice to help users optimize inventory, improve operational practices, and maximize profits. The only thing missing was how to get the word out.

BrillDog partnered with Grafik to craft a compelling brand and go-to-market strategy. Their goal was two-fold: attract investors and sign up users. While they had an ethos and a few brand elements, they were looking to rejuvenate their visual ID, positioning, and messaging, as well as define their audience to inform a full media rollout.

As a brand, BrillDog is straightforward, lighthearted, and fun, reinforcing the product’s ease of use—the company believes supply chain technology should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Founded by a pack of dog lovers, the team enjoys leaning into canine references, starting with their preexisting tagline, “Supply Chain Power, Unleashed.” 

To enliven the brand, our team created a logo with personality and movement, suggesting the kind of forward momentum the software helps users generate for their businesses. On the strategy front, we began by developing personas for the main two segments of their user base: seasoned small- and medium-sized enterprises with some experience navigating supply chain and logistics, but lacking the right tool; and small independent business owners who are at the beginning with their supply chain experience. We also identified the channels and placements likely to find these users, and a messaging matrix to communicate with them at each stage of the decision making process. All this work came together to create a multi-touch ad campaign to build awareness and drive users to sign up through persona-tailored landing pages. 

As BrillDog continues to roll out its transportation management system and grow into a full-service supply chain management system, Grafik is excited to continue to serve as its creative and marketing arm.

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