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Web Design & Development

Experiences that inspire action

You’ve put in the work to get prospects to your website. Now, how do you ensure it is a rewarding destination? Using intel from digital research and analytics tools, we chart out buyer journeys and design web experiences that are tailored to your core audiences and their needs. Whether you’re looking to drive eyeballs, inbound demo requests, or RFPs, our goal is to design and build a user-centered site that leaves your prospects, customers and partners with a clear understanding of what your business does and why they should work with you over the competition.

UX Research

We start with an in-depth review of your website, using tools including heat mapping, keyword analysis, card sorts, and analytics data to understand historic performance and traffic patterns. This research, in addition to a heuristic review of your current UX, will help us understand what improvements need to be made to the information architecture, visual design and user experience.

Information architecture (IA) for RainKing's rebranding and website redesign efforts created by UX designers at a top digital agency, Grafik.

Information Architecture

An intuitive, streamlined website structure should not only underscore who you are as a brand, but also easily and clearly drive your customers to the content, products, and services they need. Synthesizing research findings, user journeys, competitive analysis, and hierarchy of calls-to-action, we build an information architecture focused on converting.

Grafik strategists sifting through competitive research data to find key brand insights for their clients SWOT analysis.

Content Strategy

In addition to organizing existing content to maximize its usefulness, we develop sustainable, forward-looking plans for ongoing content generation through producing or repurposing blog posts, resources, video, case studies, and more. With a longer sales lifecycle and often higher barrier to entry, B2B organizations require strong, dynamic content to increase organic rankings and nurture leads.

UX designers leveraging marketing personas and digital platforms to improve e-commerce performance.

Website Design

At a pivotal point in the buyer’s journey, your website must capture and engage users—which is why thoughtful, dynamic site design is critical to successful brand experiences. Building upon extensive research, our approach creates customized user experiences that meet the needs of core audiences, improve SEO and on-site engagement, and drive users toward specific action. Designing responsive, mobile-optimized sites ensures the journey to your calls-to-action is smooth no matter where your users find you. And to cement cohesion between your website and marketing efforts, our design work extends to landing pages that focus on key conversions and lead capture.


Our development team turns beautifully rendered designs into personalized, modern, and highly functional sites, optimized to perform. We focus on factors like page speed so your site continues to score well with search engines, create flexible templates so you can easily maintain and update pages, and ensure integrations allow you to seamlessly collect and monitor leads.

Ongoing Optimizations

We never take a “set it and forget it” approach. To ensure your site is continuously optimized for peak performance and conversions, our monthly reports analyze where you’re having success and provide recommendations for fine-tuning. Through avenues like A/B testing, closed loop CRM data analysis and the monitoring of web core vitals, we identify what’s driving leads as well as where improvements could be made to the user experience, content, SEO rankings, and more. As your long-term partner, we’re committed to keeping your site ahead of the competition.

Our point of view

Staying on top of the latest UX best practices and trends can be overwhelming. Luckily, it’s our full-time job.

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