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So, some of you are probably wondering what in the heck is tacked on the wall across from the production area for the last week.  “SHOW NO TELL??  That doesn’t even make sense!”

Rewind back to your childhood…  Remember when your teachers would request for you to bring in an item of interest to “Show-N-Tell” your classmates?  There was always an interesting story behind each + every toy, every book, or whatever was brought to the front of the class.

In this case, we encompass + nurture the same idea from your elementary school years, but with a slight twist.

SHOW [ N O ] TELL will be a diverse gallery showcasing the individual talents of fellow workmates that you may have never known existed.  So, what is the title all about? It is, of course, a play on words where we will only offer the gallery viewers the former “SHOW” half.  As for the latter half, well… We will leave that in your hands.  If anyone has the desire to learn more about something they’ve see displayed on the wall, feel free to ask the person who created it.  You never know what you might learn.

At our studio, we believe that creativity + inspiration can exist in every shape or form; whether it comes from a towering art sculpture seen at a local museum or from something so minute + so common-place that if stared at for a lengthy amount of time it begins to morph into something completely new + wonderful.

With that said, all members of the studio are most welcome to showcase personal creations that you can proudly point to + say “I made this!”.  We’re excited to see your additions in the near future. So, hop on it!

Our first installment:

“Tight-Roll Revival”collaboration effort, B+W triptych series

Animation of a woman
Katherine Slack

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