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Technology / 11.24.2015

Level Up! Raising the Bar on Virtual Home Tours

One of the biggest challenges for homebuilders is getting someone to invest in a home before there’s even a model for them to tour (let alone their future home).  How do you accurately convey the beauty and elegance of an entire soon-to-be neighborhood when all the buyer can see is a dirt lot?

For years, we’ve been using CGI, or computer-generated imagery, to help our client, acclaimed regional developer EYA, get around this challenge. Anyone who has seen a recent Hollywood action flick or is hooked on role-playing games knows how far CGI has come in the last decade. Animated renderings of kitchens, exterior facades, and the neighborhood—incorporated into real HD video—help buyers imagine themselves in their new homes. EYA’s new townhome neighborhood, Grosvenor Heights, is located in a lush, wooded oasis—highly unusual for a downtown Bethesda location. Buyer feedback and website analytics supported our determination that we had to do far more than say this secluded yet central location is unique—we had to prove it.

“We decided to get airborne to offer a true 360-degree perspective that is immersive, authentic, and aspirational,” says Johnny Vitorovich, Grafik’s lead creative director for EYA. “We delivered by shooting from a drone.”

Collaborating with our photographer and videographer resources, our drone footage leads you into the neighborhood with a tree-top, birds-eve view, setting off these townhomes in a way words simply can’t convey.

“This is a powerful tool for EYA,” says Preston Innerst, EYA’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Shooting from a drone lets us capture the experience of living in our homes and neighborhoods like never before. It’s a game changer.”

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